Relax in the sauna either by yourself for some “me-time” or with friends! We offer group discounts for up to 3 people. Even just a few minutes sitting in a sauna can be deeply beneficial and relaxing.

What is a Sauna?

A sauna is typically a room heated to between 70° to 100° Celsius. A sauna use can raise the skin temperature to roughly 40° Celsius. As the skin temperature rises, heavy sweating also occurs. The heart rate rises as the body attempts to keep cool.

Fact: It is not uncommon to lose about a pint of sweat while spending a short time in a sauna!


When a person sits in a sauna, their heart rate increases and blood vessels widen. This increases circulation, in a similar way to low to moderate exercise depending on the duration of sauna use. Heart rate may increase to 100-150 beats a minute while using a sauna. This may bring some health benefits.

  • Easing pain: Increased circulation may help reduce muscle soreness, improve joint movement, and ease arthritis pain.
  • Reducing Stress Levels: As the heat in a sauna improves circulation, it may also promote relaxation. This can improve feelings of well-being.
  • Improving Cardiovascular Health: The reduction in stress levels when using a sauna may be linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular events.
  • Skin problems: A dry sauna dries the skin during use. Some people with psoriasis may find that their symptoms reduce while using a sauna.
  • Asthma: People with asthma may find relief from some symptoms as a result of using a sauna. A sauna may help open airways, loosen phlegm, and reduce stress.


We love to have groups visit us! We can accommodate a maximum of 3 people in the Sauna. If you would also like use of the Hot Tub & Ice Bath Suite, let us know and we can find a time that works for you. If you would like to try any other services when you visit us just let us know in advance and we can arrange a package for you and your group.

A single session is priced at €30 for 45 minutes, we offer a discount for any additional guests of €15 per person extra.


Buy a Sauna Membership for just €59 per month and get three 45 minute sessions a month, as well as a free session on your birthday, discounts on other services, and more! 

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