Thank You for booking

Thank You for making a booking with Apollo Health and Wellness!

Float Bookings:

All you have to do now is show up 15 minutes before your float is scheduled. We recommend not drinking caffeine on the day of your float to get the most from your experience.

Cryotherapy Bookings: 

Please bring appropriate clothing. For Men: Dry socks and underwear (slippers and gloves will be provided). For Women: Dry socks and undergarments or a bathing suit. Please remove all jewellery.

All other bookings:

Please arrive a few minutes before your appointment is scheduled to begin. For water-based services (Float and Hot Tub & Ice Bath) please do not use hair dye or fake tan before your appointment. If you have booked more than one service back-to-back please bring slippers/croc/flip-flops for moving from one room to the next. Also, please shower in-between using different services and before using any water based treatment.